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ladyssansastarkk asked:

it's literally the most fun thing ever in my entire life but you have to plan for cut knees and elbows and smacking your head on shit like 10 times minimum and you gotta be ready to go through holes in the ground that are like 2ft across into the pitch black and there's shit all over the floor in the caves and we ASSUME it's water like it's great but don't get wasted


Thanks for the wonderful info. Lady Starkk


Anonymous asked:

im scared that i might be bi or even gay, but idk because i am interested in boys too, and sometimes im not sure if i could have a romantic relationship with a girl, like i would want the sex but not the romance, but then i think i could be in love w alex vause so like who know whoo cool fun sexuality is so scary ppl ask me if im bi and i always say no even if im talking about a girl i like because its so scary thoughts thoughts words!!!!


It’s not scary. So what if you like girls, then you hook up with some girls??? That’s not bad. Dude don’t worry so much your sexuality doesn’t define you, it’s not a huge part of your personality. It’s just who you wanna fuck.

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